Planning Applications

To comprehend the context of the planning application, we will first conduct local research, including feasibility and precedent studies and a comprehensive site appraisal.

Then, building surveys, Building Enhancement Statements, Design and Access Statements, Traffic Management Plans, Environmental Impact Assessment reports (EIA), Liaison with local planning departments, Planning application forms, Conservation and Heritage planning applications, and Listed Building Consent are all services provided by our planning team.

The final proposal documents include all construction information. Renovations to homes and mixed-use complexes are typically pricey. To assess project feasibility, our residential architects engage directly with our clients. This involves both planning goals and important business decisions for mixed occupancy design.

To create value-added unique design solutions for all housing plans, Arkiton combines strategic thinking with design creativity. This guarantees that projects are marketable and meet the long-term occupancy requirements.

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Building Warrant Applications

The architectural team has extensive expertise working with planning offices in boroughs. We provide advice on all planning and building regulations issues from minor to large-scale residential schemes.

For a project to be genuinely effective, design consistency must extend beyond the building's outside structure and inside. Our architecture and interior design teams collaborate for a continuous balance of functionality and creativity.

Professional site and project management, quality control, and qualified contractors are the cornerstones of any successful construction project. We ensure that each of our construction projects is professionally managed and suitably resourced, resulting in the delivery of high-quality construction projects because we only take on a limited number of them at a time. Budgets and timelines are two factors that are always considered during the consultancy process.


New Builds

This phase contains a set of interior design plans, sections, detailed drawings, and the development of the drawings from the in-house architectural package. The CAD file will include all necessary information to ensure that we have an interior that meets the design phase's expectations in terms of construction, equipment, and finishes.


Internal Alterations

We determine your major design preferences to develop a series of mood boards that define the main look and feel of the interior design scheme, including lighting, woodwork materials, furniture, upholstery, accessories, and overall color palette, using our highly efficient collaborative method.

Our experts will create a list of all the furniture and fixtures you'll need for your interior area. All required finishes, hard materials, furniture, lighting, window treatments, upholstery, accessories, and anything else requested will be sourced and specified.

Concept / Feasibility

Before beginning work on-site, our Project Management and Design Teams collaborate to guarantee that the project stays on budget. Project costings and program and quality control management are being rigorously watched at this time. The Project Manager is also in charge of all contract management.

The project management staff at the Arkiton keeps track of every aspect of the project, including cost control, program management, quality control, and logistics.

Housing projects are generally budget-conscious, and as a result, successful projects must be financially sustainable while maintaining a mix of efficiency and elegance. Our home interior designers blend careful, strategic thought with design flair to deliver value-added interior design for all housing plans.